Economic and legal practicalities for doing business or investing in Egypt

With a marketplace of more than 100 million people, Egypt has the third largest population in the African Union, while its largest urban agglomeration is Cairo. One of Egypt’s greatest assets is its young human capital, which offers a large domestic market and cost-appealing labor force. Egypt enjoys significant natural resources (oil and gas, renewable energy sources, mining), with plans to implement solar and wind energy projects with a combined capacity of 3,170 MW in the near future. Egypt is capitalizing on opportunities created by the digital revolution and beyond. Engineering services, investment banking with regional banking, product development, research and development, cloud-based services and mobility are some of the key high-value services where Egypt has created a niche. Business and investment opportunities are limitless.

Download the full Brief Economic and legal practicalities for start-ups and scale-ups wishing to do business or invest in Egypt.

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