• Consists of: 6 courses, taught in English and French
  • Method: online and on-site (to be agreed with the recipient), flipped learning
  • Target audience: government representatives – public servants and diplomats, national, regional and international organizations, entrepreneurs and business community representatives, civil society and non-governmental organizations, public and private institutions


International conferences and diplomatic negotiations. The participants learn how to best represent their institutions and advocate for their interests in international conferences using the most effective diplomatic negotiation techniques and strategies.

Understanding the functioning of the European Union. The course provides an overview of the functioning and decision-making mechanisms within the European Union, how decisions are made at EU level, who makes those decisions and how they are implemented.

International economic organizations. Participants learn how international economic organizations operate and become familiar with the procedures, mechanisms, principles and rules that configure the governance of these institutions in the current global context.

Functioning of the United Nations System. The course provides the knowledge needed to better understand the functioning, structure, international issues and policy development within the United Nations System and the activities it undertakes in the efforts to solve a wide range of global issues.

Current issues and challenges in a globalized society. The course provides an overview of the major economic issues and concerns in today’s world, focusing on organizations and institutions, policies and economic strategies with impact on sustainable development and economic growth.

Globalization and international businesses. The participants learn about the development of the globalization and international businesses and how they affect each other, while analyzing globalization factors influencing business behavior and profiling the drivers of international business in a globalizing world.