• Consists of: 6 courses, taught in English and French
  • Method: online and on-site (to be agreed with the recipient), flipped learning
  • Target audience: government representatives – public servants and diplomats, national, regional and international organizations, entrepreneurs and business community representatives, civil society and non-governmental organizations, public and private institutions



National Development Strategy. The course introduces the actors and best practices for elaboration of the national development policy and strategy, including terms of reference, project drafting, internal and external consultation process, collaborative writing and relationships with all stakeholders.

National Export Promotion Strategy. In this course we determine the best ways to develop, write and apply national export promotion strategies to increase budget revenue and better participate in global exchanges.

Investment Policies and Bilateral Investment Treaties. The course covers the national and international legal framework and investment strategies as reflected in bilateral and international treaties, rules and regulations of international organizations and international jurisprudence.

Public Private Partnership (PPP). The course addresses the key principles of Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) and the roles that public authorities and the business community can play in ensuring the financing, construction, renovation, management or maintenance of infrastructure or services.

Global Value Chain Management (GVC). The course focuses on how companies and businesses can grow and increase their competitiveness by participating in global value chains (GVCs).

Introduction to quality control and ISO standards. In the course we determine the modalities and the principles ensuring the harmonious implementation and the continuous maintenance of your system of quality control, in accordance with the international standards.