• Consists of: 7 courses, taught in English and French
  • Method: online and on-site (to be agreed with the recipient), flipped learning
  • Target audience: government representatives – public servants and diplomats, national, regional and international organizations, entrepreneurs and business community representatives, civil society and non-governmental organizations, public and private institutions


International Negotiations and Policy Making. The course explores the complex range of interrelated economic and legal issues influencing international negotiations. It instructs participants on the application of negotiations to current international debates in order to gain an objective and informed perspective and to achieve a positive result.

Advocacy: the art of strategic communication. In this course you learn how to present and promote the issues of your interest, you learn new skills to take an active role in the modern economy.

European and international legislative drafting. The course provides the knowledge and methods specific to legislative activity, with the aim of understanding and influencing the drafting of legislation at European and international level.

New information and communication technologies. The course gives you the tools to master theory, concepts and new technologies and methods of information and communication.

Leadership and crisis-management. This course presents new perspectives on the tools needed in times of crisis – communication, determination, resilience, courage and power to persuade by discussing innovative solutions to the demanding challenges of leadership.

Communicating in multicultural environments. The course is designed to empower you to better understand, communicate, advocate and achieve specific goals in intercultural circles.

Management of information systems. The course focuses on developing effective strategies and policies through the implementation of information management systems as the only “communication bridge” between people, technology, business needs and organizations.