The Cross-functional skills Program offers various workshops and training courses to consolidate the skills acquired during your career and to capitalize them in future projects.

The Communication and Negotiation Program offers courses and workshops to develop your negotiating skills and your oral and written communication skills.

The Sustainable Economic Development Program offers various workshops and courses to build the skills needed to stimulate economic development, increase quality of life and foster better integration into the global economy.

The Business Development Program offers courses and workshops to acquire understanding of the functioning and expansion of business, tasks and processes to develop, benefit and exploit growth opportunities within and between organizations.

The Economic and Trade Policies Program offers a variety of workshops and courses to enhance your skills in developing, promoting and implementing economic and trade policies at the national, regional and international levels.

The International Trade Program offers courses and workshops to increase your understanding of the requirements and criteria for successful trade exchanges between nations, recognizing that their success is critical to the growth of economies and businesses around the world.

The International Governance Program aims – through its trainings – to give you a global and detailed vision of global cooperation, its institutions, its successes and its challenges, especially in a world in constant changing.