Capacity building is a core GICEL activity centered around practical actions tailored to your unique reality to create long-running accomplishments for you while setting your organization on the right path to progress. GICEL capacity building undertakings lay solid foundation for more effective and efficient services and activities, advancing mutual understanding and knowledge sharing within your organization.

GICEL provides capacity building actions geared towards the development of institutional, financial and political resources at multiple levels in the different sectors of society. We conduct organizational analyses, evaluate activities, provide strategic and practical advice, support and training to strengthen and further develop, human resources, infrastructures and structural arrangements within a company or organization.

Our capacity building activities include institutional capacity building, joint curriculum development, enhancing proficiency throug the design and use of interactive exercises, and training of trainers programs. GICEL covers a wide range of issues from the identification of needs and overview of existing activities to short and long term, comprehensive, multi-year programs to establish companies or organizations. We also develop workshops to share knowledge and expertise with curriculum designers and trainers at partner organizations.

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