Geneva is home to many internationally-operating companies. For these companies it is important to understand economic and legal gist and assess how the latest international developments could impact their business.

GICEL is proud to work with corporations to exchange ideas, insights and knowledge about economics and legal affairs and their interconnectivity and how they could shape the Geneva, Swiss, European and international business climate.

As part of our Corporate Membership Program, we can help you make sense of these developments, and are happy to assist you in your risk management and strategy formulation.

The benefits of the program for businesses include:

  • Undertaking common scientific projects.
  • Exchanging knowledge and benefiting from GICEL’s vast experience.
  • Engaging businesses in public debates on crucial matters of economic policies and law developments.
  • Creating networking opportunities between governments, academia, think tanks, local and regional communities, international organizations and businesses.
  • Enhancing corporate social responsibility.

GICEL provides to its partners access to internationally-recognized researchers and policymakers, and a possibility to work on joint projects related to the Members’ field of expertise. Within the program, Members will support specific scientific projects and have the opportunity to participate in GICEL events (seminars, webinars, and conferences).

In addition, Members are continuously updated on GICEL’s research, training, debates and expert sessions.

Contact us to learn more about the program and join our Corporate Membership Program.