29 June-03 July, 2020 – Snapshots of the week

How the potential of the Tropics could be enhanced?

How Germany, during its six-month presidency of the Council of the EU, will unite all the parties involved?

What the consequences of postponing the implementation of AfCFTA might be on the African continent?

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22-26 June, 2020 – Snapshots of the week

How the future of the European Union – China bilateral relations looks like?

Will the UK become a global trade hub after 1 January 2021?

Will a reform of the United Nations tackle the current challenges?

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15-20 June, 2020 – Snapshots of the week

Will the revised European Union trade policy answer to the new challenges?

Is Europe the leader of the global response tackling the socio-economic impact of COVID-19 pandemic?

What drives the record numbers of displaced population?

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08-12 June, 2020 – Snapshots of the week

Will the next WTO’s director general be from an African country?

What happens if there will be further virus outbreaks in New Zealand?

Will the European Union – Vietnam Free Trade Agreement deliver on the expectations?

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