The objective of GICEL publications is to offer multidisciplinary perspectives on economic and legal topics and related issues in the current globalized world.

We publish books and research reports, studies, analysis and working papers, policy briefs and notes focusing on contemporary issues, contributing to the strategic and policy debate, from economic and legal perspectives.

Mainly, we focus on issues related to:

•   Development policies
•   European Union
•   Global and international affairs
•   International economics
•   International law
•   International trade
•   Law and Economics
•   Political economy
•   Sustainable business development

GICEL welcomes submissions in English and /or French.

Manuscripts that may be considered for publication by GICEL shall be original work, which has not been published previously, it is not considered simultaneously for publication and it is not in the process of publication elsewhere, whether in physical or electronic means.

For a manuscript to be published, it is subject to a thorough review process. Upon submission, the manuscript is allocated to one of the editors. The editor in charge is responsible for all stages of the refereeing process and for the final decision.

The review process consists of two stages: first, the co-editors perform a preliminary evaluation of the relevance of the topic and the quality of content of the manuscript in question. This initial stage determines whether the submission is of high quality and should be sent to reviewers. This process allows for fast decision on unpromising manuscripts so that authors do not need to wait for the review process. Second, if the manuscript is approved, it is submitted to a “double-blind” review process. By means of this process, two reviewers – members of the Editorial Board, evaluate the manuscript without the knowledge of the author´s name, ensuring transparency and quality of the publications and the objectivity of the review. From this second stage, the manuscript may be accepted or rejected. Thereafter, the reviewers may deliver comments and/or modifications on the manuscript for the purpose of carrying out a second review process and, thus, being accepted for publication.

Authors undertake not submitting their works to other publications while they are under GICEL’s review. Authors maintain copyright at all times, and through a license will authorize GICEL to perform editorial functions such as publishing and other related activities. Authors may re-publish their work and/or carry out adaptations, subject to other publications, providing an express reference to GICEL where it was originally published. For this purpose, authors shall promptly notify GICEL.

GICEL does not charge submission or publication fees.

Contact us to submit a manuscript.