Economic and legal practicalities for doing business or investing in Romania

With a marketplace of roughly 20 million people, Romania has the seventh largest population in the European Union (EU) and the largest in the South-Eastern Europe. It is famous for its well-educated labour force, with raising wages and enhanced IT and foreign language abilities. It also has a generous endowment of natural resources, notably including energy sources (coal, oil, natural gas, hydro, nuclear and wind) and 37 million acres of arable land. Romania’s top trading partners are the European countries (84.2% of total exports), followed by Asian countries (8.7%) and African countries (3.4%). Significant investments have been made in sectors like banking, energy, biotechnology, manufacturing, electronics, consumer products, telecommunications, and cross-border mergers & acquisitions. Business opportunities are limitless.

Download the full Brief Economic and legal practicalities for start-ups and scale-ups wishing to do business or invest in Romania.

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