Classification of goods and nomenclature of the Harmonized System

Course Description

What are the practical challenges and opportunities for effective use of the Harmonized System (HS) as a unique way of identifying, coding and classifying goods in order to facilitate international trade and the application of trade and Customs regulations? The course provides the knowledge to better understand the nomenclature for coding, description and classification of goods in international trade.

Target group

Government officials or business representatives interested in acquiring the knowledge and skills required to better understand and apply the nomenclature for coding, description and classification of goods in international trade.

Professionals working or interested to work for customs governmental authorities, import-export companies and various stakeholders dealing with customs-clearance.

Course aim

We focus on the structure of the nomenclature of the Harmonized System and the related concepts, procedures and application, aiming to avoid misclassified entries and to use the Harmonized System in an effective, correct, uniform and consistent manner.

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Course delivery

Each module will be delivered through a variety of pedagogical tools, being designed to be interactive and participatory to enable participants to efficiently contribute to course unfolding. It is built on four pillars: concept learning (lectures and presentations), role-playing (group exercises), experience sharing (roundtable discussions) and exposure to real world situations as well as policy choices professionals confront.

Course certificate

Once you have successfully completed the course, you will receive a certificate of completion.

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Scholars Detail

  • Dr. Octavia Cerchez Dr. Octavia Cerchez Designation: Professor and Head of Research Dr Octavia Cerchez is Professor and Head of Research at Geneva Interdisciplinary Centre for Economics and Law. Holder of a PhD in Economics and a...

Course Feature

  • Date: 24 August 2020
  • Fee: 195 Swiss francs
  • Type: on-line/internet-based
  • Participants: N.A.
  • Duration: 3 weeks
  • Skills: No prerequisite
  • Language: English
  • Assessment: Self